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JAMB Christian Religious Knowledge Answers 2021/2022 Expo Free Questions Objective will be dropped below. Do not bother subscribing to another website.

JAMB C.R.K Answers 2021

Candidates wishing to subscribe with us for all 4 subjects in Jamb we guarantee you a total of 280 – 350 in JAMB, We’ve been doing this for long with our previous years of experience and all our students have been passing Jamb and getting Admission that same year into Universities with professional courses

We send C.R.K 2021 JAMB Questions and answers directly to your phone through text message or WhatsApp mid-night before the exam day. (Let’s say you are having exam by 7:00am today, you get your question and answer around 1 a.m. in the midnight before your exam, let’s say 5 hours before your exam time) this is done to make sure all questions and answers are correct, verified and completed by our lecturers and JAMB staffs working with us. Our Questions and Answers are directly from JAMB CBT Office, Abuja

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How we send our Answers

This is how our answers looks like on Subject C.R.K language for example (objectives)

Answers for C.R.K language

1. National – D

2. Idioms – C

3. Therefore – A

4. For – B

100. Although – C.

JAMB 2021 C.R.K Subscription

To subscribe for all your 4 subjects in JAMB, it cost 8,000. Payment is made directly to our bank account number.

to get our bank account details kindly contact us through text message or on WhatsApp: 08133139104

After successful payment you send us your 4 subjects in JAMB, Name, Phone number, Date and time of Examination and Reg number (that is when you’ve reprinted your JAMB slip) 

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