How to Start a JAMB CBT Centre 2023/2024


We have gotten so many request for us to publish the post and business guide of how to Start a JAMB CBT Centre 2023/2024. This post is for entrepreneurs and will be updated gradually so subscribe to our email newsletter for updates to this post.

jamb deadline

  • 250 functional Desktop Computer systems or laptops with 10% (i.e 25) backups.
  • Provision of individual cubicle with minimum length of 26 inches, breadth of 18 inches and height of 18 inches and appropriate seat for each system.

Requirements to Start a JAMB CBT Centre

  • Minimum 15 inches flat screen Computer monitor for desktop or 17 inches for laptop.
  • The computer systems must be connected to a robust computer server with a capacity to carry 250 systems concurrently.

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  • All the computer systems must be linked together on Cable Local Area Network topology (LAN). (Wireless Computer connection is not allowed).
  • Adequate security and minimum of five (5) technical personnel and one network engineer
  • Availability of back-up power supply (power generating set of minimum 40kva for a centre with 250 systems; 60 kva for 350 systems and 100kva for above 350 systems) and UPS/ inverters that can carry all systems for a minimum of two (2) hours.
  • —  The centre must be adequately fenced.
  • Provision must be made for a holding room or reception facility e.g canopy with chairs, etc.
  • —The centre must not be in shared premises such as cinema hall, shopping mall, market, etc.
  • —Availability of adequate and functional air-conditioners and lighting.
  • Provision of up to date Antivirus and all the systems must be virus free.
  • Minimum of Windows 7 or higher version of windows operating system.
  • IP Camera (CCTV) is compulsory for all CBT centers (Specification to be given by JAMB).

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