HND to Bsc/Top-Up Degree (18+ Universities in Nigerian and Abroad)

It can be disheartening to find out that after spending about 5 years in polytechnic for your ND and HND program, you’re still NOT given the same, if not better recognition, as your university counterpart. Some people were done with their HND and later sidelined by the labor market for university graduates.

Imagine how worse it becomes to find out later that only the university graduates are even recognized, by law, to lecture at the polytechnics where you’ve been trained. An HND holder can only lecture in a higher institution if he has additional qualifications like PGD and/or MSC. Whereas, a Bsc holder can be offered a graduate lecturer position on convocation.

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Now, thousands of HND holders are seeking ways to upgrade themselves to the status of their university counterparts without necessarily returning to a university and starting all over from 100 level.
This is possible.

You can end up possessing a degree certificate if you take any of the two routes below.

Direct Entry Admission
BSC (Degree) Top-up program or HND to Bsc Conversion Course

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