How do i Write N-Power Assessment Test?



How do i Write N-Power Assessment Test?

For example Once you receive an SMS or a notification, either in your phone or in your N-Power Dashboard stating the date and link you’re to-go-to. To start your online test assessment for NPOWER VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME. Kindly follow the order and begin your assessment test for NPower.

However, for more clarifications, to write your N-Power test Assessment, follow the steps below:

Step#1: Visit your N-Power Dashboard or Check your Mobile Phone for an SMS from N-Power asking you to write the Assessment Test;
Step#2: Then, Go on, to the website:
Step#3: Move to the Test Menu icon and click on it;
Step#4. Log in to the portal with your phone number and BVN Number;
Step#5: Finally, Start your Assessment Test.

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