How to Answer in Job Interview Why You Are the Best Candidate?

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When students appear for a job interview, they should keep in mind that every question is critical in terms of hiring decisions. Several interviewers specifically ask candidates to prove their eligibility for the job through one of the following questions:

  • How would you be suitable for this position?
  • What is the distinguishing feature of your personality?
  • Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job?
  • Explain how your educational and professional background is relevant to this position.
To succeed in the interview, you must prepare the answers to the above questions and present them concisely. In other words, the answers to the above questions provide interviewers with the reason to select the right person for the job. So, answer these questions confidently to prove that you are the right candidate for this position.

How to Answer: Why you are the Best Candidate for the Job?
During the job interview, students should convey the appropriate reasons for the interviewers so that they could hire them. If you provide interviewers with three of four reasons with examples, you will be able to convince them about your selection. Predominantly, your choice will base on the following points:

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  • Relevant industry experience
  • Your academic knowledge about performing specific tasks or duties
  • Technical skills
  • Major achievements
  • Awards
  • Special training or courses
The achievements and success stories always strengthen your case. Therefore, you relate your significant results to the job description.

One way to prove yourself is to mention any different skills and experience that you possess. For instance, several candidates have strong programming skills, and if they combine those with team leadership abilities, their case becomes strong.

For better preparation, job interview students can take the following steps:

Step 1: Proper Review
Before the interview, carefully compare the job description with your resume and consider the following questions.

  • What are the most significant qualifications for this position from the company’s viewpoint?
  • In which of the areas your primary strength lies?
  • What is your considerable achievement relevant to the job description?
  • What makes me unique in comparison with other candidates?
Carefully analyze and note down everything that comes to your mind.

Step 2: Organize Your Essential Points
Note down the important points about your qualifications and professional experience in bullet form. Organize them according to their importance.

Please keep it simple: Try to deliver your answers in 1-2 minutes; be brief. A brief description of the points will enable interviewers to pay attention to your conversation. Concisely highlight your skills and achievements in a short time. It would help if you thought about what makes you a standout candidate in the competitive market.

Step 3: Practice
Once you have finalized your essential points, rehearse them so that you could communicate those in front of the interviewing panel. Please do not keep a slip to read them out during the interview.

Make your statement confidently with the positive body language. Your confidence would urge your suitability for the position you are giving an interview for.

Remember! Practice is the key to gain confidence.

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Step 4: Be Specific
Your main aim should be to prove the relevance of your skills to the overall job requirements. The interviewers look for the specific skills that you can employ in the job.

Example 1: Assistant Project Manager
If you are giving an interview for the Assistant Project manager position, convey your passion to the interviewers about the industry. In this case, you have to prove that you can deliver high-quality work in the organization. Besides, describe your relationship-building skills, i.e. you can develop a good relationship with developers, managers, and vendors.

You can discuss any of the projects that you may have accomplished in your college or university. If you have professional experience in the field of project management, then discuss it explicitly.

Example 2: Programmer/Developer
The interview for the position of a programmer or developer means you have to prove your proficiency in a programming language. You can demonstrate your knowledge by giving practical examples.

Your proven track record in any of the programming languages would enable recruiters/hiring managers to hire you for the position. Undoubtedly, your relevant academic qualification in the field also holds importance.

Common Mistakes
Overconfidence/Lack of Preparation

Before the interview, some students think they will go for the discussion and qualify it without any hassle. For this reason, they do not prepare for the interview questions that are of fundamental importance. Going for the interview without preparation is a significant mistake.

Some candidates struggle to convey their strengths out of humility. Keep in mind, the few minutes in the interview session determine your selection, so you do not have to be extra modest. Describe your strengths and skills loud and clear, but decently. Another way to express yourself is to describe other people’s opinions about yourself.

For example, you can tell them what your professors or existing/previous managers think about you. Additionally, you may say, I have the reputation always for completing the project within the given time.

The job market is facing fierce completion. So, the general discussion won’t serve your purpose in the interview. Let the interviewers know how you can add value to the company. The interviewing panel wants to know about your distinguishing features. Go with the mindset that you have to make an impression in a short time.

Excessive Talking
Keep in mind the principle of answering the interview questions. If you talk too much during the interview, you may end up leaving a negative impact. So, the best thing is to answer the question briefly and do not brag too much about yourself.

Always keep in mind the main points that you have prepared before the interview and elaborate on them confidently during the session. If they do not ask you something that you have already made before the meeting, do not start discussing that. Sometimes, interviewers do not feel the need to question everything as they judge your abilities during the discussion.

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Final Word
In a job interview, students have to prove why they are the best candidate for this position. For this purpose, they need to appear with full preparation. The candidates should concisely discuss their strengths and accomplishments relevant to the place they are giving an interview for.