How to make money online in Nigeria Using SchoolCollege Forum


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Hello there, today we are gonna learn how to use Furious Forum to generate automatic income and cash out every month into our bank account.


Furious forum is a Nigerian discussion forum community, designed to create an avenue for people to shear ideas, inform and get informed in more local content, ask and answer questions.

This forum has many ways you can earn money every day automatically, one of which I will start explaining below;

Number 1. Yes, social media. This method of earning is very simple, shear Furious Forum's sponsored posts on Facebook once for each sponsored post on your timeline, you will be credited with ₦50 Automatically on any confirmed shared post you make.

To learn more about sponsored post sharing, Click here!

Number 2. You make money in this forum on virtually every single thing you do, as stated above, you earn ₦10 when you reply or leave a Reasonable comment, and ₦50 - ₦500 when you create a topic.

This method is straight forward, you don't need any technical knowledge to do this, but peradventure you do, Click here to learn how to create a topic on any board and post a reply/comment.

Disclaimer: Our moderators reserve the right to delete unreasonable comments made by you on this platform!

:As this is a forum, you are not restricted to just "A" comment on a topic, you can post as many times as you want on a topic if it is becoming engaging, just don't spam!!


We pay as much as ₦50 - ₦500 to create a topic on this free platform because we expect you not to copy and paste from other websites, you should write something from you no matter how it may sound, just be you
, peradventure you don't know how to create a topic title or write, you can just be commenting or Read this unbeatable article on writing greate posts.

Number 3. we pay you ₦45 for any referral you make to furious forum with your unique referral link which can be found on your profile, just share your link to friends, on Whatsapp, on Facebook or any other platform you can leverage from.

to view the number of members you have referred, go to your profile and you will see it just above your referral link!


We developed a robot that pays you for your referrals every Sunday, at that day, a link will automatically appear on furious forum requiring you to request for our robots to check your lists, after checking, it clears your list and credit your account ₦70 x the number of member you have refereed, simple! Read more at;PHPSESSID=6db1890cdc8b9ec461834cfaa44e7156#msg7712
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