Nigerian Schools and Courses Accepting Two Sittings For Admissions

We have come across some confusing posts on schools that are accepting and those that are not accepting two sittings of O’level results for admission purposes. There is no trace where some bloggers were getting all those misleading information being circulated online. The worst part, they copied one another and when you read their works, you could be deceived to believe they were true and legit information.
In fact, don’t believe that. That’s why we made some research and want to share our resourceful findings with you. Assuredly, this will bail you out of the dilemma of which schools are accepting two sittings for admission.
First, let’s talk basics.

Why Accepting One or Two Sittings for Admission

The norm and regulatory culture in Nigeria are that all universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education should accept WAEC, NECO or NABTEB results for admission. And lately, we had NBAIS as one of the acceptable O’level results by a few Nigerian schools.
Where a student can’t meet up with the required O’level grades in a sitting, he is allowed to sit for another exam and make up for the deficiency. Hence, he can combine the two for admission. I detailed how to combine two results here. There, I covered combinable types and those you may not be able to combine.

So, when you hear accepting two sittings of O’level results, it simply means combining two results.
Not all schools accept this and where schools accept it, they may not do that for one, a few or all their courses.
This is where confusion ensues.
We are about to guide you out of this mess in this post.

Are All Schools accepting two sittings of O’level results?

As already pointed out, NO. Not all schools are accepting two sittings. By schools here, we don’t mean only the universities, polytechnics, colleges of educations. It also included the schools of nursing and colleges of health technology.

To simplify things for you, these categories of schools have different admission policies. This is why things may not be the same for all.
A majority of them are ACCEPTING TWO SITTINGS by regulation. If you check official JAMB brochure, for instance, they state “5 credit passes at minimum admission requirements in not more than two sittings” for all universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education and a few colleges of health technology under JAMB armpit.
Whereas, that is just the general requirements as demanded by the Matriculation Board. To guide students further, a part of the brochure discusses the special requirements by a few schools who may not want to accept two sittings, want a certain form of combination or any other similar conditions.
With this, it means JAMB still accepts two sittings for all universities and their admission exercises unless that schools state otherwise in the same brochure.
A similar case is where a school includes the conditions of not accepting two sittings in the post UTME adverts. The University of Lagos did this in the 2019/2020 post UTME ads. Osun State University had been doing this for some years but not for all the courses.
With my findings, below is a list of universities that are not accepting two sittings and their conditions from the official sources.

1. University of Lagos

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