Top Best 20 Universities in Africa 2022 New EDITION


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Top Best 20 Universities in Africa - 2022 UPDATED EDITION

It’s so disappointing that Nigerian Universities seem to be slipping farther down on the list. Judging from the ranking of previous years, things are not looking promising for the next ranking. Some people actually believe that by the next ranking in 2022, Nigerian Universities should be among the best 10 in Africa.


Top Best 50 Universities in Nigeria (2022 Edition)

Top Best 20 Universities in Africa – 2022 UPDATED EDITION

1. University of Pretoria (South Africa- world rank 257)

2.  University of Cape Town (South Africa- world rank 291)

3.  University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa- world rank    308)

4.  University of KwaZulu-Natal   (South Africa- world rank 339)

5.  University of Johannesburg (South Africa- world rank 370)

6.  Universiteit Stellenbosch (South Africa- world rank 546)

7.  North-West University (South Africa- world rank 548)

8.  University of the Western Cape (South Africa-world rank 783)

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9.  University of Nairobi (Kenya- world rank 981)

10. The American University in Cairo (Egypt- world rank 1120)

11. University of Lagos (Nigeria- world rank 1135)

12. Ahmadu Bello University (Nigeria- world rank 1189)

13. Rhodes University  (South Africa- world rank 1242)

14. Cairo University (Egypt- world rank 1284)

15. University of Ibadan (Nigeria- world rank 1311)

16. Universiteit van die Vrystaat  (South Africa- world rank     1454)

17. Universidade Eduardo Mondlane   (Mozambique- world rank 1494)

18. Cape Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa- world rank 1541)

19. University of Khartoum  (Sudan- world rank 1579)

20. University of Nigeria (Nigeria- world rank 1750)


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